Who are we?

"UNITY"=各個人が自分とは異なる相手の立場、背景を尊重できる社会  これを、私たちは活動理念とし、2025年大阪・関西万博にて、"e-Symphony"=100カ国の学生とのオンラインオーケストラ を行うことで、実現できると信じています。

We are the student organization a-tune, aiming to participate at the 2025 World Expo in Japan. Officially being recognized by Osaka University, the events we organize initiate international exchange by bringing people closer and playing music together.

A society where people from various backgrounds respect each other we call UNITY. That is our goal and gives us motivation. Through bringing people from 100 countries together to perform in an online orchestra in the EXPO 2025, we are strong willed to contribute to UNITY.

What is our goal?


Through music, a language without words that is understood by people regardless of their origin, we aim to create opportunities for such people to connect and build bridges in a world without prejudice. Our goal being UNITY.
We strongly contribute to the SDG No. 17, 'Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership', fitting right in into the 'EXPO of SDGs', EXPO 2025.

What is our activities ?

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Various activities have already started with the aim of holding an "e-Symphony" at Expo 2025. 



We are active as a "student section" that is part of the "Osaka University 2025 Japan International Exposition Promotion Committee".
Also, a-tune works as a project, with each member utilizing their own strengths and personalities.